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Election Results and Thank You

Final score, Vera Cole 13,346 (42%), Craig Staats 18,673 (58%).

Thanks to 2008-candidate Tom Peterson, for sharing this perspective, “You earned more votes than any democrat in the 145th ever (819 more votes that I had). More important you had the largest percentage of the vote ever as well, 41.68%.” (In the 145th, about 35% of registered voters are Democrats.) Yay team, congratulations to all of us!

To all of you, near and far, who contributed your time, money, creativity, attention, affection and good humor...heartfelt thanks! These are precious gifts and are what made this campaign so special. We did what we set out to do, as Gandhi says, “to be the change we want.” We worked inclusively and in harmony, reaching out to others and approaching our differences with kind and respectful candor. With all the pressure and uncertainty, as far as I know, never was a single harsh word spoken or written between us. I felt it was a campaign of character, substance and grace and hope that the campaign itself may have made the world a little better place. I know it made me a better person.

I really wish we had won! But we didn’t. So, life has other purpose now. As each of us figures our way forward from this election day, I’ll remind you as I remind myself, ah, to be joyful in the time that we have been given.

Thanks again. Stay in touch! With love, Vera

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