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Vera is running for office because she believes it is high time we put the wellbeing and happiness of everyday people first.

Putting everyday people first means fixing our state tax system. It’s the 6th most unfair in the country. In PA, low- and mid-income families pay up to three times as much of their income in taxes as the top 1% do. And still the state is in debt.

Putting our wellbeing first means stopping fossil fuel energy subsidies that cost PA taxpayers nearly $800 each in a single year. We need that money! And putting us first means agreeing that public health is far more important than fracking profits. (New York and Maryland have.) 

Putting everyday people first means not leaving messes for our kids! We want to be responsible adults and do what is necessary to balance the budget and to address climate change. These are basic obligations of one generation to the next.

And putting everyday people first means doing all the good things that matter to us--creating good jobs (with investment in clean energy, roads and bridges), funding our schools (lowering property tax), providing necessary services for senior citizens, and taking care of the ill, vulnerable and addicted with respect and dignity (treatment, care, social justice).

Wellbeing and Happiness (Doing What Matters to Us)

Happiness! When was the last time we talked about happiness as a role of government? Yet. Pennsylvania's Constitution promises just that. Our government is here for the "peace, safety and happiness" of all people. This is how we get our state government back on track, by putting the wellbeing and happiness of all people, everyday people, first. Putting ideology and special interests aside, our shared everyday priorities are good jobs; fair and lower taxes; safe water, air and climate; meeting the needs of seniors; care with dignity for the ill, addicted and vulnerable; and an honest, balanced budget that doesn’t leave a mess for our kids. With these things, we are all happier.

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Fair Taxes, Lower Taxes (and JOBS)

Pennsylvania’s tax system is the 6th most unfair in the country, with low- and mid-income families paying far more than their fair share on income in taxes. Plus, we pay $800 per tax payer in a single year in subsidies to the fossil fuel energy. Putting everyday people first, means making the tax system fair and getting rid of energy subsidies that are not helping us or the environment. These steps lead to more state funding that can be used for schools (lower property taxes), transportation projects (roads, bridges and jobs) and social services (senior services, treatment programs). Read More

Safe water, air and climate (and JOBS)

Programs to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy are proven to create jobs and to lower energy costs for consumers. When government makes these a priority, it’s good for jobs, consumers and the environment. We are all better off!

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Protection from Fracking

Temporary bans on fracking in our area have lulled us into a false sense of security about the risks we face. There are untapped natural gas reserves under both Bucks and Montgomery Counties. And, especially if the “Energy Hub” goes through in Philadelphia, we are an obvious target for new pipelines and compressor stations. The public health risks and disruption to our communities are far, far greater than any benefits. Putting everyday people first, now is the time to permanently ban fracking.  

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